What documents do I need?

You will need a valid passport with an expiry date of no less than 6 months from your date of entry if travelling from outwith the UK. For travel to Scotland you do not need a visa. You will also need a full motorcycle driving licence, personal and vehicle insurance documents and your motoring association or equivalent breakdown numbers.

Will my motorbike insurance cover me for travel in Scotland?

If travelling from outwith the UK, you must contact your insurance company and inform them of your destination and duration of stay. Your insurance company should advise you of any additional cover you will require.If you are from the UK please vist our insurance page on the website for full information.

What if I have to cancel and cannot join the tour?

If you cancel more than 30 days prior to commencing the tour, we will refund all sums paid less deposit. Bookings cancelled between 30 and 15 days before departure will receive a 50% credit for 12 months toward another tour or a 50% return of the total holiday price refund. If you cancel less than 15 days before departure there is no refund. In any of these events there will be an additional administrative charge of €40 / £25 per person. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a tour early. In the event of you having to cancel, you may transfer your booking to another person. However, you will be liable for any administration costs and are responsible for your nominee paying their monies in full. We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance to guard against this possibility.

Do I need travel and holiday insurance?

It is a condition of booking and your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance for yourself and pillion (if appropriate). This should cover medical and personal risk including repatriation, ambulance and air rescue, and cover while motorcycling. We also recommend you include cancellation cover. Written evidence of appropriate cover is required, and it is your responsibility to provide this.

What if I get sick while on tour?

You must ensure that you have sufficient insurance cover to have you and your motorcycle repatriated to your country of residence should you be unable to ride at all due to illness.

What do I need to pack?

A helmet is essential. To cater for the vagaries of the Scottish climate, we recommend warm, waterproof riding gear, either leather or goretex / cordura, good riding boots, gloves (plus spare set) and a rain suit. Smart but casual clothing is recommended for eveningwear.If you are in doubt, please ask us. Don’t forget a camera and / or video camera to record this unique experience.

Will I be carrying my luggage?

This will depend on your booking. You may find you will be riding circular routes from your hotel, so you can leave your gear there. As it is a bike tour, you should be prepared to carry everything you bring, but most of our motorbikes or motorcycles have storage. Please contact us for further details.

Do we ride in groups?

We encourage everyone to ride at their own pace and according to their own riding style. You may ride alone, in small groups, or decide to ride with the guide. Whichever way you choose, the guide will stipulate the next stop for everyone to gather together again. We suggest you follow the guides advice at all times.

What if we get delayed in flights, ferry crossings or miss the set off time?

We cannot be responsible for any unforeseen delays. However, if you call us we may be able to re-schedule your itinerary at short notice. But there is no guarantee. Ultimately, in instances outwith our control, you will be responsible for providing your own meals and accommodations until you catch up with the tour.

Will my bike be secure at night?

All our accommodation partners have been selected with bike security in mind. We do, however, recommend that you bring your own disc locks or security chains for peace of mind.

What tools / spares do I need to bring?

We recommend that you bring spares such as bulbs, fuses, tube and puncture repair kits plus your own bike repair kit, however our guide will carry some tools and repair kit.

What happens if my bike breaks down?

You are responsible for ensuring that you come on tour equipped with a comprehensive breakdown package. If you hire a bike with us, We will be responsible for the collection of any breakdown and the delivery of a suitable replacement bike.

How scarce are facilities in the Highlands?

All of our routes have been planned to ensure that there are adequate fuel stops to cater for any motorcycle. Be aware that, on Sundays especially, some garages close. We recommend that you top up regularly as and when you can. Banks and ATM machines are confined to the larger towns. However all of our accommodation and out-of-saddle partners accept cheques and major credit cards.

Will I pay more if I travel alone?

Our prices are based on double or twin occupancy. If you require a single room, there will be a small, additional charge. Please see website for details.

What if I want to ride a shorter or longer route than the planned one?

We believe that our route lengths give the customer the greatest opportunity to exploit the many various sights and experiences on offer on each day. However, we will provide you with alternate routes for each of your days as part of the package. Then you can decide.

I have an allergy to a certain food. Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

Absolutely. Please include your dietary requests when you book.

What are the national speed limits and will we encounter the Police on a regular basis?

Unless otherwise signposted, speed limits on UK roads are:

  • Motorway: 70 mph/ 112 kph
  • Dual Carriageway: 70 mph/ 112 kph
  • Single Carriageway: 60 mph/ 96 kph
  • Built-up areas: 30 mph/ 48 kph

Despite many of our routes being off the beaten track, there are still regular speed checks even in remote areas. Scotlandbybike.com promotes safe riding and discourages speeding. We implore you to support our quest to raise the often tarnished profile of today’s biker by riding responsibly and safely. One can never be sure what is around the next corner: wandering sheep and slow tourist cars are particular hazards in the Highlands. But why speed when there is so much to see? All guests are responsible for their own traffic fines.

Which months have the ideal motorcycling weather?

We will organise tours all year round, but we suggest that between mid April and late September /early October are the best months to see Scotland in all its glory.

Will I have time to get used to my hire bike?

We will give you a ½ hour “motorcycle orientation” on your hire bike outside the showroom before you set off on your tour. Some of the models are a little more complicated than merely starting up the machine and clicking into 1st gear.

Driving in Scotland

Scotland has an excellent road network with motorways and dual carriageway roads linking many of the main cities and towns. The primary road network extends over most of the country except for a few remote areas, where there are single track roads with passing places (this means that you have to draw in to let others pass or overtake). It is part of the pleasurable experience in getting away from traffic jams to drive on the quiet roads in Scotland.

There are no tolls on the roads in Scotland but there are three bridges which have a toll charge – the Forth, Tay and Erskine bridges.

Driving on the Left

Please remember that in Scotland, as elsewhere in the UK, driving is always on the left-hand side of the road.

Driving Licence and Insurance

The holder of an overseas driving licence may, for a period of up to one year, drive a motor vehicle in Britain. Visitors bringing their own cars from overseas require green-card insurance and the car registration documents.

Drinking & Driving

You are strongly advised not to drink and drive. If caught and convicted, the criminal penalties can be severe.


Many fuel stations throughout Scotland are open 24 hours a day and all provide unleaded and lead-replacement petrol and diesel. In remote areas, distances between stations are greater and opening hours may be shorter. Fuel is priced and sold by the litre. Most of our motorbikes or motorcycles have a tank range of over 230 miles.

The Highway Code

The rules for driving in Britain can be found in The Highway Code. http://www.highwaycode.gov.uk, available from Her Majesty`s Stationery Offices (i.e. government bookshops), other bookshops, newsagents and from motoring organisations such as the AA and the RAC. advanced instruction, you have the opportunity to improve your riding skills, ultimately making you a safer rider. That has got to benefit you, other road users and the motorcycling fraternity as a whole.

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